Introducing: Nettles + Chickweed

Hi there!

I’m moved my blog over to nettlesandchickweed (dot) com. I had several blogs focused on various things and decided I wanted to bring everything together in one place. I’ll be written about my personal herbalism practice, outdoor adventures, travels, knit & sew projects, and of course, my love for Korean food. Hope to see ya over there!




Pa = green onion
Jeon = pancake

I want this all the time. It is possibly the best mode for eating this much green onion at once. Margo & I cooked these up at our April brunch-luck. Tweaked the recipe to be gluten free, using just rice flour. Recipe behind the cut. Enjoy!



Top somethings of 2014

There are probably a lot of things to put into lists to commemorate 2014, but mostly it’s been a year of music. So, top 10 albums of the year and top 5 shows attended this year, prompted by my friend Andrew. Spotify playlists at the end of the post, if ya wanna listen.


Allergic to life mixtape cover & tracklist

Allergic to Life | A summer mix

Not to cause you distress but – summer is almost over!!! And I’m feeling a lil bit less restless + ready to go from rolling down grassy hills to wandering thru corn fields. In the spirit of that seasonal transition, here is a late summer mixtape I made for my friend Madeline. Oh, a note on the name – when seasons change I get allergies. It sorta feels like I have them all the time … like maybe I’m allergic to life.

Note, what is most important is that I covered as much as I could with stickers. This is a mixtape, after all.


Oi Kimchi

The age old problem of too many cucumbers. Oh, you’re not familiar with that one? I didn’t even grow cukes this year, I took the lazy gardener approach and only did onions & garlic. But, my friends grew cukes & they had like a million. So, here’s one thing you can do with them.


roadtrip+summeradventure-tape-cover-art kaitlyn rich

Roadtrip + summer adventure mix

I chose each and every one of these songs with the utmost love and care because these are my favorite songs for summer road trips – packed in a car with your favorite people, singing badly + loudly, with the wind whirling through your mess of dirty, campfire hair. I made this mix just for you and I hope you listen to it well and often. Also, if you do choose to actually put this on a tape (like I did), it is a perfect 45 minutes for side A. As for side B, maybe I’ll share that someday soon.

With light + love,


Summertime list-time

I haven’t had a chance to introduce this project over here yet, meet Alls Wells Co. ! AWC is a collaborative blog that started at the beginning of this year with the idea of doing a couple quick projects a month. There’s four of us and it’s our way of keeping creative and in touch – which has been really great + fun so far!


Emma's Garden screen printed shirt

EG Shirts | Part 04

Finished this project up back at the beginning of February, but have been lagging behind at posting the update. Well, here it is! Overall, I’m happy with the finished results and I think Make House did such a great job and were a pleasure to work with! I can’t wait to snap some photos of our farmers, volunteers, staff, and funders working in the garden wearing these shirts! Continue…

Bim Bim Bap Party

Bim Bim Bap 101

Alright, alright – the learning continues. This one was definitely a group effort because we were starved & ready for a food coma. Also, I make no promises that these directions are 100%, but they’re sorta close. I’m going to do that maddening thing in recipes where they say add this “to taste” and not use measurements.

Calligraphy tools laydown

Copperplate Calligraphy

I told myself I would wait until I finished my current projects before taking on something new. I have a ukelele to practice, code to write, latin plant names to memorize, a full-time job, freelance work — oh, and friendships to maintain.

Finishing my current  projects, I could then guilt-free start a new one + that would be the reward! Except, I totally worked calligraphy into both of my current design projects – necessitating the need to start NOW. Eighty-odd dollars later, here I am. Not all that much of an investment into learning something new, but you know… I do this a lot … and often.