Japchae 101

While I already knew how to eat Japchae, yesterday I learned how to make it. It seems like a lot of ingredients and a long process, but it’s pretty simple + goes quickly with help. You can make a huge batch and divvy it up into freezer bags. Just defrost & heat it up in a pan.

We would have added bulgogi, if everyone didn’t think I was a vegetarian, for some reason. Next time. Thanks to my adopted Korean grandma, Sam, + Tom, for being the glue. Recipe after the cut…



Dustin Wong + watercolor

Working with a subtle, warm, sunset + salmon + raspberry fizz color palette on the new Jackalope Wine Cellar’s rosé label. Played with watercolors for a couple hours to test if I could get the color I wanted … was pretty successful in making the water jar the right hue. It was easier, and good practice for me, to get focused when I started today with a firm no computers until I work this out on paper. Also, listening to Dustin Wong’s Mediation of Estatic Energy is pretty helpful for loosing track of worries and getting into it.


inthe.AM | draft 01

My housemates have been away this week and I finally was able to get something done! Only teasing, they’re actually great motivators at getting me to work as they are always working on cool projects of their own.

In this case, my housemate Adam wrote a web app for using Task Warrior on the go. It’s called inthe.AM. I told him I’d make him a logo, not that he expressed any need of one.  I did it anyway, today, in what I told myself would be a design sprint. Continue…

PDX UX Meetup 1/29

Lean UX + Prototype Testing

Went to PDX UX Meetup this past week on Lean UX + Prototype Testing. I really like this meetup group – they always do such a good job with getting interesting speakers and they’re pretty spot on with their talks. Good job, organizers!

This past week’s talk was a fun chance to collaborate with a handful of folks. Everyone broke into groups of 6 and we were given user profiles with key habits and app goals listed for us. Julie B had us focus on wireframing one task of the app from start to finish. Our user profile was called “Screaming Mommy App.” It was for someone who lost sleep over worrying about sleeping through their phone alarm and also, worked unusual hours and night shifts.

Project 333 | wardrobe

Project 333

I came across an article on LifeEdited, the other morning. It made me remember how annoyed I was when I moved a couple months ago. Moving is always a hassle – but why do I have so many clothes (or so many everythings, really)?! I always just wear pants + shirt + sweater + shoes. Another recent change was returning to a 9-to-5 job and the whole getting dressed in the morning and being around people all day in the thing you chose to wear before you were really awake. All of those things made me want to simplify, so I decided to do Project 333.


EG Indiegogo sketch cont.

Almost done | Indiegogo Shirts

In the past week, I laid out type and got textures and layers to blend. It was a relatively quick process to my surprise, because I built up a texture library in the past year. I was dragging my feet to finish up the design because I still had to draw the main illustrative components – which were like nothing – a hammer & a couple plant flourishes. Sometimes, maybe all the time, it’s hard for me to make time for drawing. I did so inadvertantly yesterday by sitting on the couch with no pen or paper and feeling annoyed that I wasn’t getting any drawing done. I went to my desk and started sketching telling myself I would draw something for real later. Anyhow, turns out I sketched/scanned/cleaned/sized/texturized/colorized – all before dinner & the bar.

Typography sketch

hand lettering | indiegogo shirts

I’ve been volunteering as an outreach coordinator with a grassroots, volunteer run non-profit, Emma’s Garden, for a little over a year now. We just finished an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the physical infrastructure of implementing a market garden in Cully neighborhood (you can watch my awkwardness on film & visit the campaign here). As the new year draws near, it’s time to get the reward shirts designed + printed! Continue…