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Allergic to life mixtape cover & tracklist

Allergic to Life | A summer mix

Not to cause you distress but – summer is almost over!!! And I’m feeling a lil bit less restless + ready to go from rolling down grassy hills to wandering thru corn fields. In the spirit of that seasonal transition, here is a late summer mixtape I made for my friend Madeline. Oh, a note on the name – when seasons change I get allergies. It sorta feels like I have them all the time … like maybe I’m allergic to life.

Note, what is most important is that I covered as much as I could with stickers. This is a mixtape, after all.

roadtrip+summeradventure-tape-cover-art kaitlyn rich

Roadtrip + summer adventure mix

I chose each and every one of these songs with the utmost love and care because these are my favorite songs for summer road trips – packed in a car with your favorite people, singing badly + loudly, with the wind whirling through your mess of dirty, campfire hair. I made this mix just for you and I hope you listen to it well and often. Also, if you do choose to actually put this on a tape (like I did), it is a perfect 45 minutes for side A. As for side B, maybe I’ll share that someday soon.

With light + love,


Summertime list-time

I haven’t had a chance to introduce this project over here yet, meet Alls Wells Co. ! AWC is a collaborative blog that started at the beginning of this year with the idea of doing a couple quick projects a month. There’s four of us and it’s our way of keeping creative and in touch – which has been really great + fun so far!


Emma's Garden screen printed shirt

EG Shirts | Part 04

Finished this project up back at the beginning of February, but have been lagging behind at posting the update. Well, here it is! Overall, I’m happy with the finished results and I think Make House did such a great job and were a pleasure to work with! I can’t wait to snap some photos of our farmers, volunteers, staff, and funders working in the garden wearing these shirts! Continue…

Calligraphy tools laydown

Copperplate Calligraphy

I told myself I would wait until I finished my current projects before taking on something new. I have a ukelele to practice, code to write, latin plant names to memorize, a full-time job, freelance work — oh, and friendships to maintain.

Finishing my current  projects, I could then guilt-free start a new one + that would be the reward! Except, I totally worked calligraphy into both of my current design projects – necessitating the need to start NOW. Eighty-odd dollars later, here I am. Not all that much of an investment into learning something new, but you know… I do this a lot … and often.



Dustin Wong + watercolor

Working with a subtle, warm, sunset + salmon + raspberry fizz color palette on the new Jackalope Wine Cellar’s rosé label. Played with watercolors for a couple hours to test if I could get the color I wanted … was pretty successful in making the water jar the right hue. It was easier, and good practice for me, to get focused when I started today with a firm no computers until I work this out on paper. Also, listening to Dustin Wong’s Mediation of Estatic Energy is pretty helpful for loosing track of worries and getting into it.


inthe.AM | draft 01

My housemates have been away this week and I finally was able to get something done! Only teasing, they’re actually great motivators at getting me to work as they are always working on cool projects of their own.

In this case, my housemate Adam wrote a web app for using Task Warrior on the go. It’s called inthe.AM. I told him I’d make him a logo, not that he expressed any need of one.  I did it anyway, today, in what I told myself would be a design sprint. Continue…

PDX UX Meetup 1/29

Lean UX + Prototype Testing

Went to PDX UX Meetup this past week on Lean UX + Prototype Testing. I really like this meetup group – they always do such a good job with getting interesting speakers and they’re pretty spot on with their talks. Good job, organizers!

This past week’s talk was a fun chance to collaborate with a handful of folks. Everyone broke into groups of 6 and we were given user profiles with key habits and app goals listed for us. Julie B had us focus on wireframing one task of the app from start to finish. Our user profile was called “Screaming Mommy App.” It was for someone who lost sleep over worrying about sleeping through their phone alarm and also, worked unusual hours and night shifts.