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Pa = green onion
Jeon = pancake

I want this all the time. It is possibly the best mode for eating this much green onion at once. Margo & I cooked these up at our April brunch-luck. Tweaked the recipe to be gluten free, using just rice flour. Recipe behind the cut. Enjoy!



Oi Kimchi

The age old problem of too many cucumbers. Oh, you’re not familiar with that one? I didn’t even grow cukes this year, I took the lazy gardener approach and only did onions & garlic. But, my friends grew cukes & they had like a million. So, here’s one thing you can do with them.


Bim Bim Bap Party

Bim Bim Bap 101

Alright, alright – the learning continues. This one was definitely a group effort because we were starved & ready for a food coma. Also, I make no promises that these directions are 100%, but they’re sorta close. I’m going to do that maddening thing in recipes where they say add this “to taste” and not use measurements.


Japchae 101

While I already knew how to eat Japchae, yesterday I learned how to make it. It seems like a lot of ingredients and a long process, but it’s pretty simple + goes quickly with help. You can make a huge batch and divvy it up into freezer bags. Just defrost & heat it up in a pan.

We would have added bulgogi, if everyone didn’t think I was a vegetarian, for some reason. Next time. Thanks to my adopted Korean grandma, Sam, + Tom, for being the glue.┬áRecipe after the cut…