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Allergic to life mixtape cover & tracklist

Allergic to Life | A summer mix

Not to cause you distress but – summer is almost over!!! And I’m feeling a lil bit less restless + ready to go from rolling down grassy hills to wandering thru corn fields. In the spirit of that seasonal transition, here is a late summer mixtape I made for my friend Madeline. Oh, a note on the name – when seasons change I get allergies. It sorta feels like I have them all the time … like maybe I’m allergic to life.

Note, what is most important is that I covered as much as I could with stickers. This is a mixtape, after all.


Summertime list-time

I haven’t had a chance to introduce this project over here yet, meet Alls Wells Co. ! AWC is a collaborative blog that started at the beginning of this year with the idea of doing a couple quick projects a month. There’s four of us and it’s our way of keeping creative and in touch – which has been really great + fun so far!




Recently, Trader Joe’s started carrying kimchi, in a bag no less. Ryan found it & pointed it out to me. It was only $1.99, so I tried it, AND it was good! As in better than all the kimchi I’ve had since coming to Portland. oh my. I looked at the ingredients list and it was simple and things that are suppose to be in kimchi. So, I decided to modify my recipe to see if I could make even better kimchi.



kimchi.batch 03

kimchi : batch 03 is the most successful yet! it smells great and is packing a spicy punch. it’s still lacking a bit in complexity of flavors and I did under salt this time to compensate for salty, inedible batch 02.


recent projects

i feel obsessed with making! i must knit the perfect sweater and make the perfect necklace! i don’t know how i will make the perfect anything, as my tastes change so quickly. nonetheless, that seems to be the goal. pictured above, i’ve just finished knitting my version of the “tala tank top” from Wool and the Gang. i couldn’t bring myself to spend the $80 or so dollars on the kit (though their yarn is gorgeous), so again, as with all things, i made up the pattern. tank tops are pretty easy, especially if you’re not shaping the body part. anyhow, i’m gonna draw up the pattern to post it soon. then on to figuring out a cardigan pattern…