Emma's Garden Final Shirt Design

EG shirts | Part 03

Oh hey – I finished the design for these shirts a few weeks back. Here it is. They’re off at the printers and should be back late next week – hurray!  They’re going to be printed on heathered grey shirts, one color-print in mustard yellow. Of course, everything I make has to involve grey – it’s my favorite color and I often dress in like 8+ shades of it (monochromatic dressing!). I’m so excited to see the finished results. Wrapping up a project is always a relief and a joy. There are undoubtedly details that irk me, often due to lack of time or patience to finer tune vs. need to finish-the project-sort-of-dilemmas. Overall, I’m pleased with the design and excited to move onto the other queue of projects I’ve got going! Photos to come of the finished product and hopefully, they’ll get good + worn out at all the work parties in store for lucky Emma’s Garden volunteers this growing season to come.

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