Emma's Garden screen printed shirt

EG Shirts | Part 04

Finished this project up back at the beginning of February, but have been lagging behind at posting the update. Well, here it is! Overall, I’m happy with the finished results and I think Make House did such a great job and were a pleasure to work with! I can’t wait to snap some photos of our farmers, volunteers, staff, and funders working in the garden wearing these shirts!

I enjoyed the process of designing these shirts. Partially because of the absolute freedom in getting to do whatever I wanted and the other part being, I really enjoy working with letterforms. When I look at the way I draw letters, I can’t help but see the same style I had in high school when I doodled for fun. Part of me loves it and the other part of me is like, get better already! Well, I’m working towards that.

The perfectionist in me wanted to work with a lighter, heathered grey tee and a more mustard yellow. But, sometimes you have to let go of the little details, especially when you have a non-existent non-profit budget.

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