inthe.AM | draft 01

My housemates have been away this week and I finally was able to get something done! Only teasing, they’re actually great motivators at getting me to work as they are always working on cool projects of their own.

In this case, my housemate Adam wrote a web app for using Task Warrior on the go. It’s called inthe.AM. I told him I’d make him a logo, not that he expressed any need of one.  I did it anyway, today, in what I told myself would be a design sprint.

I sketched some ideas a few weeks back, revisited them last night for 30minutes and then went to bed. Today I sat down and honed in on one idea. I wanted to kick it out in an hour, so there would be something for concrete feedback.

This whole process was bit different for me, as I usually don’t start drawing in Illustrator. But, I knew I wanted to work with simple curves and lines, so I started on computer without a refined sketch/scanned in. I drew + drank tea + got up an tinkered around for an hour. Then I spent another hour messing with gradients, lines, and type. I feel alright moving on from today’s end point. Granted, I haven’t even shown Adam the logo yet – who knows, he might hate it.

A difficulty I ran into was exporting. Taking the AI file and exporting thru Illustrator (“Save for Web”) is what the above asset is from. The colors are duller, a bit off. I’m hoping the final logo can be used as an SVG, but I would welcome any insights on saving out of Illustrator.

Somewhat unrelated, I want to learn more about creating modular grids. Got any tips for me? Books/people/places/or things? Let me know!

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