Kimchi - IMG_7326

kimchi.batch 05

kimchi batch 05.
half a small purple cabbage
1 bunch of bok choy
several radishes
1 leek (added after salting)
1 white peach
chunk of ginger
several garlic cloves
2 T red pepper flakes

soaked over night & following day in 2 T salt & water to cover.
rinsed veggies and added chopped leek, pinch of salt.
mix all in paste of shredded ginger, garlic, peach, and red pepper flakes.
filled 1 full jar and 1/3 of another jar.
let it sit/ferment in cupboard for 3-4 days (pushing down each day w/ a spoon) & then,
put in fridge.
yummy! The color of the juice is vibrant purple and the addition of radish is delicious.

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