PDX UX Meetup 1/29

Lean UX + Prototype Testing

Went to PDX UX Meetup this past week on Lean UX + Prototype Testing. I really like this meetup group – they always do such a good job with getting interesting speakers and they’re pretty spot on with their talks. Good job, organizers!

This past week’s talk was a fun chance to collaborate with a handful of folks. Everyone broke into groups of 6 and we were given user profiles with key habits and app goals listed for us. Julie B had us focus on wireframing one task of the app from start to finish. Our user profile was called “Screaming Mommy App.” It was for someone who lost sleep over worrying about sleeping through their phone alarm and also, worked unusual hours and night shifts.

After brainstorming for a few minutes, we created a quick flow of interactions that the single task would follow. From there, we wireframed each screen and then pulled it into POP (prototyping on paper). I hadn’t used this app before, so it was a nice learning about + working with it. Once the screens were linked together, someone from another group came over and tested the app, etc. The key question for the user testing was “What do you think this app does?” This helps to make sure we identified key functions correctly. I liked the focus on rapid iteration and user testing. From there, each group debreifed and focused in on what to improve/change for a hypothetical 2nd iteration of prototyping.

Our biggest challenges were we created the our task flow from the standpoint of a user who had already gone through the app walk-thru/settings and was familiar with the app. Essentially, our task was the alarm in use. We eliminated a snooze function and also made it extremely difficult to turn the alarm off – a decision we made based on the user profile. I myself would probably never use this app, but I don’t have a problem getting up for work and my sleeping schedule is pretty boring.

Anyhow, I came home and did a 2nd iteration because I’m a nerd/wanted the practice/it’s rapid – so it only took 20 minutes of my time. If I were to actually build/wireframe the whole app, there would be so many other functions that I would put in here. Namely, a start screen and settings to allow the user to choose the time increments between the 3 challenges. Here are the iterations:
Iteration 2
Iteration 1

photo credit: Andrea

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