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i feel obsessed with making! i must knit the perfect sweater and make the perfect necklace! i don’t know how i will make the perfect anything, as my tastes change so quickly. nonetheless, that seems to be the goal. pictured above, i’ve just finished knitting my version of the “tala tank top” from Wool and the Gang. i couldn’t bring myself to spend the $80 or so dollars on the kit (though their yarn is gorgeous), so again, as with all things, i made up the pattern. tank tops are pretty easy, especially if you’re not shaping the body part. anyhow, i’m gonna draw up the pattern to post it soon. then on to figuring out a cardigan pattern…

last tuesday, i went to fire salt & time w/ valerie and we made our own batches of kimchi (via research club classes)! it was pretty awesome; a good way to learn with nice people. my batch is done and i ate some and it had a good texture, but wasn’t packing the spice-punch. so, i’ve bought some bok choy from the People’s farmer market and i’m gonna make batch #2 with red pepper paste.
lastly, i’ve learned how to crochet today. i want to reproduce this free people necklace pouch. i’m not gonna try stitch for stitch; i’m just going to try and learn some sort of beginner’s lace pattern/stitch. we shall see. but, i found all the supplies at the thrift craft store, hurray.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could you please email me your sweater pattern at Thank you!

  2. Unknown says:

    So fantastic! Do you have a pattern to share?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see the pattern you made if you’re sharing. Is it available?

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