Summertime list-time

I haven’t had a chance to introduce this project over here yet, meet Alls Wells Co. ! AWC is a collaborative blog that started at the beginning of this year with the idea of doing a couple quick projects a month. There’s four of us and it’s our way of keeping creative and in touch – which has been really great + fun so far!


A final, for now.

From our summertime to do list prompt, I have some sketches and thoughts on process I wanted to share. Essentially, I wrote down some words, put them in a circle on a crummy, tiny piece of lined paper, and scanned it into my computer. Because I always sketch and draw things a billion sizes too small, I bump sizes up on the computer and then print out my sketch at a normal size. Tracing paper is my best friend + I just re-draw and trace until things have the right weight, etc. And, yes, this whole process could be done on the computer if I had know-how to ink stuff in Photoshop (open to suggestions & tutorials!). But, also, I like drawing outside … which is sorta the point.


Another version that I ultimately didn’t go with.

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