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A Month in Korea – my favorite meals

When folks asked before I left, what I was most excited about doing, or once I returned, what

Packing for a month long trip

November 20, 2023 8 Minutes Thoughts, Travel Korea, minimalist packing, travel light If you know me, you know

A spell for boundaries

I've been thinking about how to set boundaries for awhile. As a full moon baby and someone who
Photo of the top and zipper pocket on a black Patagonia R1 zip up fleece hoodie on a wooden hanger

The Weariness of Dressing

I've felt a tension in my wardrobe for sometime–between how I think I should dress to feel good
Close up of a Larch trees' needles changing colors from bright green to neon yellow and more golden hues

Tree Gazing and Other Seasonal Changes

Saturn has been in Pisces since March this year and will remain there until May 2025. If you
Hand made bag from scraps by Kaitlyn Rich

What’s in my bag

Often when I make something, it's because I get obsessed with an element of it. And more often