Ways that I feel abundant

  • mornings to move at my own pace. It doesn’t have to be every morning, but 2 out of 3.
  • a pot of coffee in the morning
  • seeing Tepals wag her tail when she sniffs something of ours. She recognizes us from our scent alone and that’s enough to make her feel joy, loved, and playful. 


This spell for abundance came to me while I was making up a plate of anchovies with Mama Lil Peppers, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and chopped parsley to eat on toast with butter. The spell was my awareness of feeling abundance in the practice of making this snack for myself. 

Remembering the joy and freedom of imagination as a kid when I played witch and mixed bottles of hotel shampoo together, helped me to remember now, as an adult, that magic does not have to follow an exact course or be serious. What invited me to magic in the first place was play, the safe and encouraged boundaries around creativity, imagination, and dreaming.

Offering this because I think sometimes it can be hard to find our way back to our own magic.

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