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Close up of a Larch trees' needles changing colors from bright green to neon yellow and more golden hues

Tree Gazing and Other Seasonal Changes

Saturn has been in Pisces since March this year and will remain there until May 2025. If you don’t know what that means, that’s ok and you can learn more here, if you want. For me, what that means is what I feel, especially as I know lots of Libras (I am one, Libra Rising)–we’re collectively working some shit out. I don’t quiet feel like myself and I think that’s true for other Libras and maybe other astrological signs and its a weird feeling to not know what you are doing, like dancing in the dark and wondering “am I really dancing?” 

When I think about astrology, I also think about the tarot, and this moment is a transition, but not The Fool, who is at the beginning of something and has wonder and curiosity and there is joy in the unknown becoming known. It’s more a Magician moment, we’re IN IT, and working to transform, we’re changing, and the unknown becoming known requires a leap of faith that can feel scary, overwhelming, or like a big risk. But, that is the work of faith, of believing in yourself, your intuition, that what you feel is valid information and meant to be listened to and acted on.

A very Dr. Seuss looking larch


"You’ll be encouraged to think beyond sunk costs in the coming three years. To walk away from the kind of burnout cycle that makes seeing the bigger picture impossible. Your intuition is your best working ally."

~ Chani Nicholas, Saturn in Pisces March 2023

And as I keep writing about and thinking about, it’s a transitional season, and those are full of magic. All the ways I experience the seasonal transition also grounds me in my body and makes me aware of the magic around me and that supports me, such as protection and boundary magic. Being introverted, other peoples energy can really drain me (not because their energy is negative, it’s just not how I get energy) and I need a lot of clearing and reset rituals to support me from taking on feelings that are not mine or to help me stay in my own energy. Sometimes that’s just walking around and looking at the trees. We looked at larch trees this weekend, and they are in transition right now, their needles changing from shades of neon green to neon yellow to gold.

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